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21. June 2022
working in a new country

How to prepare for living and working in a new country

Moving to and working in a different country is a fantastic opportunity – professionally as well as personally. But such a big step needs preparation. Here a a few important aspects that are worth keeping in mind.
24. May 2022
Career change

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of a radical career change

Starting over and embarking on a completely new career path can seem risky, scary, and sometimes even foolish. But if approached wisely, a radical career change can be a way to professional success as well as personal happiness.
19. April 2022
Executive Search

This Is How Data Improves Executive Search

In a world with the increasing availability of endless forms of data, it’s essential to understand, analyze, and use it skillfully. Why data is useful in executive search, where its limitations are, and how it can be implemented.
21. March 2022
Entrepreneurial Mindset

How an entrepreneurial mindset can boost your career

You don’t have to be in a start-up to think agile and creatively or to overcome professional challenges. There are aspects of entrepreneurial thinking that will advance your career in any situation – and hopefully make you a better leader in the process.
22. February 2022
Business ethics

Why business ethics should be at the heart of every company

Yes, business ethics starts with the board. But introducing a value-based corporate culture at all levels has a whole range of benefits. Here's how to implement business ethics and create a positive company culture.
17. December 2021
Team Event Nordic Minds

Team Event: This Is What The Nordic Spirit Means

For us at Nordic Minds, working together as a team is essential. In October, we organized a team event in St. Peter Ording. Jasmin Christensen-Matassa explains how we refined our values and committed to our purpose.
23. November 2021
Hannele Maijala - a Finn working in Germany

What I learned as a Finn working in Germany

Finnish Nordic Minds consultant Hannele Maijala shares her experiences and insights on working cross-culturally as a Finn in Germany. Hannele gives advice on how to overcome cultural and communicative barriers – and explains what’s to gain.
21. October 2021
Cost of a bad hire

The Real Cost of a Bad Hire – more than just money

Hiring someone unsuitable has implications that most organizations don’t even think about. The real cost of a bad hire goes far beyond financial aspects. But there are a few steps that can be taken to minimize the risk.
21. September 2021

Why You Cannot Afford Being A Solo Fighter On The Job

If you want to advance in your career and make a real difference, you have to work smoothly and productively with others. Here are good reasons to foster teamwork - and how to implement it.
22. June 2021
Sustainable habits

Let Us Talk About Building Sustainable Habits

In today's age, sustainability is a huge issue. Looking at it from my perspective – as a part of Gen Z – the demand for change has become increasingly noticeable. That is true for the business world as well.
28. May 2021

One Mistake Almost All Leaders Make

Even the best leaders are not immune to errors. But there is one mistake that impacts the entire company, even though it could easily be avoided: leadership is not about excellence – it is about other people.
30. April 2021

Career Change During a Pandemic? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 radically disrupted our lives. And it hasn't left the professional sphere unaffected: more working from home – including a recalibration of work-life balance as well as management transformations – job losses in certain industries, rising demands in others.