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21. September 2021

Why You Cannot Afford To Be A Solo Fighter On The Job

If you want to advance in your career and make a real difference, you have to work smoothly and productively with others. Here are good reasons to foster teamwork - and how to implement it.
22. June 2021
Sustainable habits

Let Us Talk About Building Sustainable Habits

In today's age, sustainability is a huge issue. Looking at it from my perspective – as a part of Gen Z – the demand for change has become increasingly noticeable. That is true for the business world as well.
28. May 2021

One Mistake Almost All Leaders Make

Even the best leaders are not immune to errors. But there is one mistake that impacts the entire company, even though it could easily be avoided: leadership is not about excellence – it is about other people.
30. April 2021

Career Change During a Pandemic? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 radically disrupted our lives. And it hasn't left the professional sphere unaffected: more working from home – including a recalibration of work-life balance as well as management transformations – job losses in certain industries, rising demands in others.
12. March 2021
team of rowers photographed from the top

How the Benefits of Nordic Leadership Also Work in Other Regions

Nordic leadership with its flat hierarchies allows for discussion, room for trying out new things, and hence yields a high level of adaptability. But not every organization is used to this amount of freedom and responsibility to engage. We talked to three executives from the Nordic region – one working in Latin America, another two with experience in the Germany within different industries. They shared their experiences on what employees in other corporate cultures need to get used to when it comes to Nordic leadership and what they embraced and appreciated.
30. October 2020
On the left hand holding a credit card reaching out of a computer, on the right hand holding a shopping bag reaching out of another computer. Symbolizing e-commerce.

Crisis: Driver of Digital Innovation or Just a Warning Signal for Retailers?

This spring, lockdowns all over Europe showed us how much businesses still relied on physical contact both within their organizations and towards their customers. Nordic Minds talked to two experts from the Nordics about digital innovation in times of crisis within retail. They shared their views on how physical stores and e-commerce together can create a healthy retail brand but also pointed out the major challenges.
16. July 2020

A Look At The Eastern European Labour Markets During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic and the political measures that followed have also had an impact on the Eastern European labor markets. Over the course of April, we asked our clients and partners, mainly manufacturing companies, how they were dealing with the situation. Read about their status quo and measures in the region.
25. June 2020

A fresh look at the trends and processes of Headhunting

More than ever it’s a candidate driven market now and in order to sign the best talents, recruiters need to keep up with the modern methods of talent acquisition. At the same time, candidates need to check a few more boxes these days, too. Beyond the right skill set and experience, hiring companies are especially looking for people that are a fit from a cultural and personality perspective.
11. June 2020

Advisory Boards: Competence Centres For Difficult Markets

The objectives of advisory boards vary from company to company. Some companies are interested in information about new technical developments, others hope to strengthen their ties to politics or foster their reputation. But an advisory board can also help to develop knowledge of foreign markets and to understand the business culture of a specific target country.
28. May 2020

My title is just half my story

In our survey "My title is just half my story", we asked candidates about their experiences when being approached to discuss a new job opportunity. Close to 500 senior level candidates answered 30 questions in February to March 2020. Results present their real experiences with main focus on 2019. [...]
19. May 2020

The new (virtual) reality

We’ve all noticed the advice from public health officials: stay at home, wash your hands and keep the social distance! Events, concerts and other mass gatherings were cancelled and schools, libraries, restaurants, playgrounds as well as many other were closed and are only starting to carefully open up again – such as also borders between countries in Europe, step by step. From a business perspective [...]
30. April 2020

How to sell even though you don’t meet?

Have you ever wondered about your online and sales appearance? In times of digitalization and globalization, it can be more important than many other communication tools. How do you make sure your virtual appearance goes in the right direction? How do you make sure your sales pitch sells what you want? How do you make your sales materials and presence ready for the international market? [...]