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23. May 2023

Helsinki to Hamburg: A Cross-Cultural Journey

I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture and work environment, which not only challenged me but also expanded my professional skills and knowledge in ways I never expected.
1. May 2023
Samuel Ekert talks about knowledge Management

The Power of Knowledge Management in Recruiting Top Talent

At Nordic Minds, we're knowledge workers who thrive on information processing. We understand the value of knowledge management when it comes to finding and placing the best-suited candidates.
15. February 2023
Nordic Leadership

Learn To Be A Nordic Leader!

The principles of Nordic Leadership – rooted in trust, open communication, flat hierarchies, diversity, equality, and work-life balance – drive employee satisfaction and effectiveness. And we can support you!
31. January 2023
Building a winning team with Nordic Leadership

Petri Kettunen: How To Build A Winning Team With Nordic Leadership

In this last part of our interview series, floorball coach Petri Kettunen shares his Nordic leadership principles and his advice on how to build a winning team!
17. January 2023
Leadership in an international Context

Petri Kettunen: Applying Nordic Leadership in an International Context

Petri Kettunen, former national coach of Finland and the Czech Republic, shares his insights on the challenges of being a leader in a high-profile international context.
4. January 2023
Petri Kettunen

Floorball Coach Petri Kettunen: Teamsports And Nordic Leadership

Nordic Minds partner and former Finnish floorball champion Petri S. Toivanen discusses Nordic leadership with Petri Kettunen, former national coach of Finland and the Czech Republic.
13. December 2022
Team Event in Stockholm

Team Event: Workshop, Values, Crayfish Party!

When we met in Stockholm for our team event, it included not only a workshop on Nordic values, but also traditional crayfish party. Two things that are linked to our Nordic company culture.
22. November 2022

What Defines A Good Leader – Can You Learn To Be One?

Yes, leadership is a talent. But it is also so much more than that. Here are a few pointers on how to develop good leadership – and what it is really about.
18. October 2022
Career Needs

How To Gain Clarity About Your Career Needs

Finding the right person for the job – and the right job for a person – is a bit like match-making. Work has to do with purpose, it's personal. This is why you can only thrive in an organization that’s right for you.
12. September 2022

Nordic Minds is the new general sponsor of the German National Floorball Team!

With the start of the 6 Nations Cup on October 1, 2022, Nordic Minds will become the new general sponsor of the men's national floorball team.
21. June 2022
working in a new country

How to prepare for living and working in a new country

Moving to and working in a different country is a fantastic opportunity – professionally as well as personally. But such a big step needs preparation. Here a a few important aspects that are worth keeping in mind.
24. May 2022
Career change

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of a radical career change

Starting over and embarking on a completely new career path can seem risky, scary, and sometimes even foolish. But if approached wisely, a radical career change can be a way to professional success as well as personal happiness.